Love this class, challenging enough yet soothing to the soul. Enjoying Karen’s gentle corrections and encouragement throughout the class, the variety of poses and of course the partner work for the core. I leave feeling energised and alive at the end of every session. Yoga Avenue has quickly become part of my health and wellbeing regime.
— Linda Dade, Chiropractor
I would like to thank Karen for the amazing instruction I have received since starting at Yoga Avenue. After a long break from yoga I feel so lucky to have found a teacher who provides me with the balance I look for in my practice - both challenging and soothing. I have seen a noticeable improvement in my core strength, flexibility and general well-being. I look forward to continuing to grow and develop my skills through Karen’s guidance.
— Shane Austin
Yoga is Awesome! It makes me feel really happy and healthy. Karen is an awesome teacher!
— Stuart Robertson
I am so glad that I found Yoga Avenue. It’s the best yoga class I have ever done. I always feel great after the classes and can’t wait to get to my regular weekly classes. Love you Karen - you are the best.
— Jan Williams
Karen is a great community-minded person with passion for helping those with personal development. I commissioned Karen to assist with a Coaching and Development Clinic called Boogie youth. The clinic was designed to inspire and motive the Indigenous and At Risk Youth of the Manning Great Lakes. Karen held four mini yoga classes/sessions during the clinic. Her passion for youth development and de-stressing the body worked perfectly for our goals and inspired many participants to look at their bodies as a temple.

I have also personally attended many surf-specific yoga sessions with Karen and her attention to detail from posture to surroundings plus ones injuries to strengths is phenomenal. Karen is a brilliant teacher helping me to personally understand oneself and the importance of the body foremost.
— Aaron Dodds, FTBA President
Loving yoga classes at Yoga Avenue. The classes are challenging and fun. I love the flow of the poses and feel energised and stress free after yoga. Karen is an awesome teacher. Early morning yoga is the perfect grounding to the day, followed by a beach walk and swim after all the stretching, strengthening and balancing. Thank you Karen!
— Katrina Cameron
Karen is a gifted and amazing teacher! You won’t be disappointed!
— Mary Wimmer, Wellness, Owner/Operator at Dragon Phoenix Feng Shui, YogaTeacher
Carlie is a fabulous teacher in every sense of the word. Her calm, revitalising energy is felt throughout every essence of her classes, making it so enjoyable. She opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed, and since then I cannot pull myself away. Carlie created my crazy infatuation with yoga and I thank her very much for this.
— Sophie Marvel
It was love at first sight with Carlie! This wonderful lady is such a gift to be around and I feel beyond blessed to have found her style of teaching. It is through her zest for life that she empowers you while on the mat. She allows you to explore your own body, your own ability, your own uniqueness. There is nothing but openness, love and acceptance in her class. She encourages a space of letting go and being present with your breath. Whatever your level, she takes you on a journey that is infused with energetic warmth. Her approach is gentle but challenging depending on your needs. She listens and understands her students, while also being a witness for you, seeing things in your body that you may not even be aware of. Her knowledge educates and connects you to your self. A connection that is full of beauty and why I practice yoga. Carlie supports and guides your practice on the mat so that you may take the growth experienced here off the mat, living a life full of vitality and an untapped potential. So much love and gratitude to her!
— Nicky Done


Yoga Avenue

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